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National Conference on Unstructured Data Management,PESIT
The First National Conference on Unstructured Data Management was held at PESIT for 2 days i.e yesterday and today.

The conference was quite an unique experience discussing various issues regarding the unstructured data management. The keynote presentations were really good.I couldn't attend all the keynote presenations since I had my lab exams going on.. bad time :( .

The best talks were

1) Universal Networking Language by Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharya, IIT Mumbai ( I was there only for the Q&A session :D )

2) Rececnt Advances in Text Mining by Ketki Dhanesha

3)Real Time Challenges of Image Processing Applications, by Dr. D. Antony Louis Piriyakumar, Siemens Corporate Technology, Bangalore

Even I presented my paper on "Photo Management using Face Recognition". It went on really well.

Papers were presented on various topics related to
1. Text processing and management
2. XML languages and technologies
3. Semantic web
4. Knowledge representation and ontologies
5. Knowledge management
6. Data and text mining
7. Image processing
8. Pattern recognition
9. Computer vision
10. Internet-enabled applications

The conference-chair was Dr. Kavi Mahesh who is a faculty- Professor with the Dept of Computer Science , PESIT and is a key resource person in the dept.

Thank you Sir for such a wonderful conference !

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Dude got a link to your presentation?

No.. will upload it soon.

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