Anush Shetty (anushsh) wrote,
Anush Shetty

Yet another massacre of trees

A lot of travel has been taking me to NH17 more regularly. What was once a 2-lane highway is getting converted into a 4-lane highway. What was once one of the best highways is a nightmare today. The speeding private buses were always scary in that part of the state. The highway was once lined with trees all the way from Mangalore to Kundapur and today the highway widening is just pulling them all down. It is really depressing. More over the trees which are being chopped are mostly huge Banyan trees which are anywhere not less than 100 years old. I am not really aware of any opposition to such a massive chopping of trees. It really hurts when such old trees are uprooted and are lying on the road. The entire stretch is so damn sunny and I don’t think people realise that bit. Considering the hot coastal weather, I think walking on the road is going to be nightmare. And no people, Trees don’t grow in 2 years.


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Tags: landscape, trees
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