Anush Shetty (anushsh) wrote,
Anush Shetty

A walk along the mangroves

To get to the estuary, we had to pass by a house. We thought it might be a good idea to actually dump our bags and get into the water. I had never done that before but was looking forward to it. We had to walk along the beautiful mangrove habitat which was thrilling. But we really had to watch out while walking so that we don’t place our legs on something and get hurt. We also had to be careful about not walking into the shallow region which I did anyway. Walking along the mangroves, we kept looking out for birds. There were a lot of them including the Common Redshank, Western Reef Egret, Whimbrels, Ruddy Turnstone and many more. We spent more than an hour birding there. The tide was low, so we were able to walk around happily but when the tide is high the entire area is under water.

Ruddy Turnstone

The gorgeous – Greater Sand Plover

And the estuary meets the Arabian sea

Western Reef Egret

Common Redshank

Black crowned Night Heron

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