Anush Shetty (anushsh) wrote,
Anush Shetty

Bridled Tern

This was the most sighted bird during our pelagic trip in the Arabian Sea in April this year. It was lovely to see them in large numbers and also see them fishing. They would just hover a little above the water and fish. At time, they cam quite close to the boat. Actually fishing boats are an important source of food for these birds in the sea. When fishermen just throw away the unwanted fish back into the sea, these birds come and feed on them. For me, this was the first time I was seeing this bird and it was simply amazing to see them in large numbers. On the last day of our expedition, we saw more than 300 of these Bridled Terns congregating in the afternoon. It was a sight to remember.

Bridled Tern

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Tags: birdwatching, photography, travel
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